performance 01 / driven by

performance videos:

01_ driven by
02_ a single movement
03_ a discourse on space
04_ movement, rhythm, speed
05_ folding spaces into others
06_ production of space

15th September 2011
Allthingsproject / New York

driven by is the first performance in relation to production of space. Jens Reulecke cooperates with Florian Erdle (from Berlin).

“I am bringing people together. Artists and participants gather experiences while interacting with one another. Our platform is New York City.
Entering public space activates our imagination to the point where transformation occurs, resulting in spaces of opportunities.
Sharing these realities with the public inside and outside the gallery allows each person to receive unique perspectives, born right out of our known life
with its various realities.“

dreaming like milk / apparently confused / a taste of a gesture / near the river just seconds away / ice underneath / production of moments /

to produce another reality / attention to the city / but even now like traces of myself / falling slowly on a rainy day

“The layering of your reading created a sense of the city – a crowded, buzzing chaos.
Then your movement began – the individual came into play – a person’s inner space and you began exploring that space.
It heightened my awareness. Your work has caused an awareness of me, of the importance of breaking through the new space which is so partitioned.
It is vital for life itself that we break through and create that connection. In some ways there is a renewed awareness in me..” Sarah


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