performance 05 / folding spaces into others

performance videos:

01_ driven by
02_ a single movement
03_ a discourse on space
04_ movement, rhythm, speed
05_ folding spaces into others
06_ production of space

29th September 2011
Allthingsproject / New York

Jens Reulecke in cooperation with Stanley Aronowitz and Whitney Asante.

How do we deal with one another? One Body right beside the other - physically closeand yet distant. NY is a crowded city where people compensate for being jammed together by creating distinct borders between themselves and others. Reulecke and Whitney Asante examine the situation through gestures and behavior, providing new perpectives, giving way to another reality, to invite a different dream. Jens Reulecke had the opportunity to interview Stanley Aronowitz about Henri Lefebvre (16 June 1901 – 29 June 1991) the French sociologist, Marxist, intellectual, and philosopher, best known for his work on dialectics, Marxism, everyday life, cities, and (social) space. Fragments of the interview will be part of the perfomance to take the audience into a another reality, imagine a different production of space where the human being enters a new conception of space, transforming space so they can accomodate certain needs.

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