performance 02 / a single movement

performance videos:

01_ driven by
02_ a single movement
03_ a discourse on space
04_ movement, rhythm, speed
05_ folding spaces into others
06_ production of space

17th September 2011
Allthingsproject / New York

a single movement is the second performance. Jens Reulecke cooperates with Jasmine Ben-Reuven and Florian Erdle.

“The second performance made me aware of this dialogue, this creative relationship between two people. There was such a strong tie between the two of you. Like an elastic band moving and coming together and snapping back. And that elastic band wasn‘t as much tied to the audience but between the two of you, exploring that space in a different way. But it was also about the creative exploration of that space with the found objects that were there and how that was not planed beforehand.. like organic moving, living.. It made me aware of the environnement around us, the air, the wind, the water, the buildings, the ground, – that all of those things together are part of that creative dance. ..with the possibility to participate. At the close it was almost like a close but it was an opening too, an invitation at the same time.” Sarah

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