participating with:
„fluorescent shadow“, acrylic paint on digital print on alu-dibond, 159 x 159 cm, 2013
and the object „float“, mixed media, variable size, 2013 (exhibition view)



ISTANBUL_RELATED / 2014 / 2015 / ..
German-Turkish cultural exchange project 2012-2015..

In 2011 the idea for ISTANBUL_related was born. The aim of the project is to initiate a long-term artist-exchange between Berlin and Istanbul.

The project focus is on supporting encounters between the artists and between the artists and the public. There will be the opportunity to live and work in
the other city for about six month and an exhibition of artists from Berlin and Istanbul once a year at representative venues in both of the cities. Thus the
public receives new opportunities to meet and experience the artists from both cultures.

Without a cultural Network a project of that size wouldn‘t be possible. The borough of Berlin-Mitte and the Senate Administration for Cultural Affairs of
Berlin are supporting the project. The German Consulate General in Istanbul has become patron, new contacts for the further development of the project are
on their way.

ISTANBUL_related / BERLIN_related is not only interested in presenting individual, contemporary artistic positions in the other metropolis. The particula
interest lies in the approximation of the (still) unknown in all its shades. In the process personal aspects and imaginations, experiences and know-how
play a vital part, as well as art historical, historical and cultural investigations.

The project ISTANBUL_related started in August 2012 with the opening of ISTANBUL_related1=lab. Through the public staging of this lab situation a new
innovative project type has been created in the Berlin Artists Association. Curated by Jens Reulecke these lab conditions lead to the first dealings with the City of
Istanbul from the Berlin perspective.

The exhibition in the Cahide Erel Galeri (April 2013) is a continuation of this artistic approximation. It will be exciting to see how reality and phantasy are further
developing in the direct dialogue with the city of Istanbul during the 2 weeks stay of the artists.

4th-25th April 2013 – Exhibition ISTANBUL_related 2
10 Berlin artists from VBK / Berlin Artist Association

Galerie Cahide Erel
Dr. Sadik Ahmet Cd. 10
34087 Istanbul


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BAUART Galeri – Istanbul
Autumn 2014

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