Jens Reulecke‘s installation is a site-responsive work which is accompanied by performances.
It consists of photography, photo collage, drawings, mixed media, objects and video.
The installation provides a support structure that allows to arrange the objects and the two dimensional work so that they connect with the atmosphere of the surrounding of the gallery.
Reulecke‘s background of growing up in Berlin-Wedding, but not living there anymore since 1988 and also the historical transformations taken place from a former working class area into a multicultural neighbourhood create certain tension. Therefore it needs measures to join the gap between the inner and outer changes which have taken place.
Reulecke interviewing an old „wedding-couple“ led to answers, carrying Reulecke deeper and deeper into former times, particularly as the family roots of this couple are going back to four generations of living in Wedding.
How did Reulecke connect and interconnect all that? The input of his own childhood experience and some of his fresh impressions, diving back and forth into the past and the presence provoked „unfolding stories“ to appear.
This is not ment to deliver a “scientific reflection“ but rather invite the public to experience something, a certain potential which inspires some fresh connections between oneself and that very diverse borough.